Same Day Crowns

Single Visit Dental Crowns in Chula Vista

When patients are in need of a dental crown, it involves a visit to the dentist, molds, a temporary crown, an offsite lab to create the permanent crown and finally another visit to the dentist to have the temporary removed and the permanent crown fitted. Thanks to some of the latest breakthroughs in dental crowns, Bonita Del Rey Dental Care offers dental crowns in a single visit with CEREC dental crown technology. Our office is located in Chula Vista and we serve the surrounding areas of Bonita, Eastlake and more, so a fast and simple solution is never far away.


The CEREC Crown Process

Digital Impressions

After doing a full examination and determining the best treatment for the health and beauty of your smile, the first step is an impression using the CEREC 3D intraoral camera, so no need for goopy impressions. Dr. Espinosa glides the camera over your teeth and it generates a precise 3D full-color model of your teeth.

Computer Aided Design

CEREC software allows Dr. Espinosa to create a restoration quickly and accurately while you wait. The dental crown will be customized to the size and shape of your tooth and provide a natural-looking comfortable replacement.

Shaping & Placement

During the appointment, the design specifications are inputted into the CEREC milling unit and the dental crown is created with a ceramic black. Once it’s finalized, Dr. Espinosa will place your color matched, all-ceramic dental crown. It will be fitted, polished and bonded, giving you your healthy, natural looking smile.

Contact Our Chula Vista Dentistry

At Bonita Del Ray Dental Care, Dr. Espinosa offers the latest technology in dentistry, providing patients with faster treatment times, comfortable restorations and natural, beautiful looking smiles. With CEREC crowns, patients don’t have to wait weeks before having their smile restored, so visit Dr. Espinosa for a free consultation if you are in need of a crown. Out team offers restorative dental care from our Chula Vista dental office, but we serve patients from Bonita, Eastlake and the surrounding communities. Contact our office today and one of our team members will answer any questions you have and help you schedule an appointment.