Guided Implantology

Rebuilding Your Smile with a New Dental Implant

Your smile is definitely one of your most endearing features. Yet issues with your teeth will often cause you to want to keep your smile hidden. We here at Bonita Del Rey Dental Care are here to help you correct those issues once and for all, finally allowing you to share that smile with the world.

If it’s been a while since you’ve been to the dentist, then you’re in for a real surprise when you see all that today’s dental technology allows us to do for you. This includes if you’re in need of tooth replacement. Our guided implantology service focuses on restoring the root of your tooth to help form a strong foundation for a natural-looking replacement.

Preparing for Implant Surgery

Planning and designing the template for your dental implant works as follows:

  1. A cone beam computerized axial tomography (CBCT) scan is taken of your mouth and teeth. That scan is then sent to a laboratory for digital analysis.

  2. The CBCT scan is reviewed in order to plan for the optimal placement of your new implant. Special care is taken to ensure both the stability of the implant as well as its aesthetic appearance.

  3. The implant template is designed virtually and then created using a 3D printer.

  4. Once created, the template is again fitted to a model to ensure its accurate placement.

    Your dental surgeon will then utilize that template to guide him or her as your new replacement tooth in inserted.

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Your dentist and clinical support staff here at Bonita Del Rey Dental Care are among some of the most skilled practitioners in the dental industry. You can trust the care and maintenance of your smile to them. We are located in Chula Vista and serve patients from the surrounding San Diego communities. To schedule your initial consultation, simply give as a call at 619-482-3264 today.