3D X-Rays Tomography


Advanced, Crystal Clear 3D Imaging

Many patients have told us that the idea so many steps required in order to plan for dental implant surgery often stops them from ever pursuing this option. This is why we here at Bonita Del Ray Dental Care have worked to streamline the preparation and planning process with advanced diagnostic imaging.

The Orthophos XG 3D Scanner

Your Bonita dentist has all of the latest technological tools at his or her disposal to allow for the accurate diagnosis of your dental implant needs. To help make the process easier for you to endure, we used advanced scanning equipment and software that combines traditional 2D technology with advanced 3D imaging capacity to provide a crystal clear image of your internal dental structures. With the advanced Orthophos XG 3D scanner, you enjoy the following benefits:

  • A comfortable multi-point positioner that ensures accurate images with the very first scan

  • The ability for the tech to take both panoramic 2D and targeted 3D images in the same imaging session

  • Targeting technology that allows the technician to take views of only those areas of interest to the dentist, ensuring minimum exposure to you during the scan

So accurate are the images that our scanners provide that you can actually review a 360° view of your teeth with your practitioner to see exactly how your new implants will be positioned during your procedure. This gives you your first glimpse of your reconstructed smile.

Advanced Imaging in Chula Vista

Your dental implant surgery needn’t be a long and drawn-out process. Our use of 3D x-ray technology allows us to quickly and accurately plan your procedure, allowing you to enjoy all of the benefits that your newer and brighter smile provides that much sooner. For more information on our dental implant surgery process, call us today at 619-482-3264.