Our Technology

Improving Patient Care With a Higher Technical Standard

We aim to bring you the very best in pain free, high quality dental care. Our clinic makes available a wide range of cutting edge dental technology to elevate the standard of every service we offer our patients. Whether you are a new patient or someone with whom we have an established care relationship, we are confident that you will have a positive experience with us.


CEREC is the worlds most advanced dental CAD­CAM that enables us to provide you with dental restorations like crowns, veneers and bridges on one single appointment instead of the traditional two.

3D X­Ray CBCT is the lastest advancement in dental X­Ray technology and diagnostics. Allowing us to see images on a whole new perspective never before available to dentistry.

2D Digital X­rays while not as new as 3D but still light years ahead of regular non­digital systems and uses 90% less radiation than traditional X­rays. We at Bonita del Rey adopted this technology 10 years ago.

LASER Dentistry Lasers provide huge clinical benefits to our patients, allowing for faster healing times, painless procedures, and less time needed for the patient at the office.

Painless Anesthesia (The Wand STA System) is a computerized anesthesia delivery system, that enables us to give patients virtually painless anesthesia.

Visual Microscopes are used to let the doctors see inside the mouth 4X larger and in detail which enable us to be extremely more precise than just working with just our regular eyes.

L­PRF Platelet Therapy is another cutting-edge technology in which we are early adopters. If you need a surgical procedure, like extractions or dental implants, this technology allows us to cut healing periods, post-­op pain and complications.

Electrical Hand-pieces are preferred over the sound of a drill. Thats why we have the latest in electric hand-pieces which are quieter and smoother than non-­electric.

Monitors and Headphones are available to make your visit as comfortable as possible. All of our dental chairs have overhead monitors and wireless headphones for you to watch a movie on Netflix or listen to music during treatment.

Better Information Through Enhanced Technology

Dental technology has come a long way but many clinics in Chula Vista have yet to implement all these valuable tools. We are among the 1% of dentist clinics that make use of technology such as:

  • 3-D x-rays for computer guided dental implant placement and bone density

  • assessment

  • Intraoral imaging for a closer look at the topography of teeth and mouth

  • Cerec fabrication devices for same-day crowns

  • Computerized dental anesthesia for the comfort and well-being of our patients

  • Dental lasers for gum treatments and other detailed applications

Compassionate and Respectful Care

Bonita Del Ray Dental Care is known throughout Chula Vista for providing respectful, compassionate care to patients and their families. Our dental care team members want to help you achieve your personal oral health goals. Each of our services is conducted with the help of the best available dental technology, which results in a more comfortable experience for every patient we treat. Schedule an appointment with us today!