Mini Dental Implants

mini dental implants are a great replacement for full dentures.


If you have dentures that are loose and painful, in this day and age there is no need to suffer anymore, mini dental implants are an excellent choice to stabilize dentures and give you back your chewing power and freedom to enjoy the meals that you haven’t been been able to enjoy.

We have been placing mini implants at Bonita Del Rey Dental for several years and our patients have ever since been enjoying being able to eat pain free and not have the need for any denture adhesives. We can even remove the area of the roof of the  mouth on upper dentures so you can get better taste in food.


4-mini-implants-specialMini dental implants are specially beneficial to patients that are not candidates to regular, wider implants because they don’t have enough bone mass and also to those persons that are on a budget since mini dental implants are more affordable than regular implants but still are a superb option to stabilize dentures.

Unlike most dental offices that have traditional 2D panoramic X-Rays ,we are equipped with a state of the art Sirona XG 3D dental CT Scan machine which is  the only technology available to get true 3D X-Rays of your jawbone and that enables us to accurately measure the existing size and density of your jawbone and make treatment more predictable.


mini-implants-oneTHEY ARE FAST – mini implants are placed in one single appointment and in the same day the denture is attached to them and the patient can eat with them the same day! Everything is done in one appointment from start to finish.

LITTLE TO NO PAIN –  Since this is a minimally invasive procedure you can expect little to no pain after the placement of mini implants and there is virtually no healing period since they get put to use immediately.

NO CUTTING OR STITCHES – Since mini implants are smaller in diameter they are placed without major surgery, there is no need for any stitches since bleeding is minimal, close to none. This makes them also an excellent choice for the medical compromised patient that can’t have major surgery done, on most cases we can still place mini dental implants safely.

AFFORDABLE – Mini implants are on average 75% more affordable that regular implants. This  gives us the opportunity to place 4 to 6 implants to give the patient excellent stability for their dentures and  partials and still be affordable to most people.

NO MORE NEED FOR GOOEY MESSY DENTURE ADHESIVES – with implant supported dentures you won’t have any need for any dentures adhesives anymore. Just imagine, not needing to place that gooey stuff in your mouth never again!

ONLY LOCAL ANESTHESIA NEEDED – The placement of mini implants is so minimally invasive that we can place them just with local anesthesia on the gum area, as a matter of fact we need to use less anesthesia to place mini implants that doing a tooth extraction.


Testimonial from patient that received Mini Dental Implants treatment at Bonita del Rey Dental by Dr. Aldo Espinosa


To find out if you are a candidate for mini dental implants, We offer complimentary consultations. Our expert dentists will review your dental and medical history and take  full dental CT-Scan so they can see the true size and density of your jawbone. We will explain the different treatment options and answer any questions you have. We always take into consideration your budget and we provide flexible payment plans and take most insurance.

The usual value for this consultation and CT-Scan is $695!

To make an appointment call us at 619-482-3263 or request an appointment online.