Chula Vista Dental Implants

Why Choose Bonita Del Rey for Dental Implants?

Traditional dental implant techniques, that are still practiced today by most other dentists, mean major surgery performed by the dentist including cutting, stitching and patient down-time. This is how the dental implant procedure has been performed for the past 30 years in dentistry.

Fortunately times have changed, and at Bonita Del Rey we are at the forefront of dental technology and innovation. We are committed to investing the necessary time and finances to do procedures that used to take 2 hours, now in a matter of minutes, with better results and eliminating any margin for human error.

Our focus is a blended approach between our experience and the latest in dental technology like 3D X­rays, virtual models and 3D printing, which gives us the ability to perform minimally invasive computer-guided dental implant placement. Very few dentists in Chula Vista use this latest technology.

For our patients this means we can provide dental implants, that do not require any down-time, no stitching and no cutting! Yes, we are able to use all the latest technologies and techniques, equipment and software and we spend hours doing computer planning, so when its time to actually perform the dental implant surgery we are able to do it in a way that takes minutes to perform and is virtually painless!

If you want to know if you are a candidate for this cutting-edge procedure we offer complimentary dental implant consultations and second opinions. During your visit to our dental office in Chula Vista you will be thoroughly evaluated by our doctors and you will be able to learn about your options and make the best decision for you.



Chula Vista Dental Implant Procedure

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